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Types of Graffiti

types of graffiti

Graffiti classified

Graffiti style shave been named and classified in order to identify them. Examples of tagging and stencil are shown in the photo on the left.


This is the commonest form of graffiiti - someone writing their name or nickname on a wall in lettering one plain boring colour with little attempt of stylizing.

graffiti tags

Throw ups

Throw ups take a little longer to do and consist of lettering of two colours, perhaps in rounded bubble writing that identify the graffiti artist by their street name or nickname

graffiti throw ups


Stencils can be made out of cardboard, lino or other stiff material and used in conjunction with a spray can to produce repeated images. Little skill required here. A 4 yera old can use a pair of scissors and a spray can. The initial drawing may have required some talent although could have been copied.



A piece is a shortened form of 'masterpiece' and involves the use of several colours, some design, cartoom style images and skill. They also take much longer to produce.

graffiti piece

Reverse graffiti

Reverse graffiti is where the old dirt and perhaps discoloured surface of a wall is removed to produce an image in relief below. A sort of cameo effect or silhouette is produced.


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