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Graffiti in toilets and lavatories

toilet graffiti

Ok, so we all read the graffiti on toilet doors

People graffiti the backs of toilet doors and lavatory walls because they can usually get away with it. No one can see them behind a locked door.

Toilet graffiti

Toilet humour is usually silly, occasionally witty, almost always rude and sometimes obscene. But we all read it.

Examples of toilet humour:

I had a great big curry
And now I do a poo
The brown stuff goes in the toilet
but the smell I leave for you

Some come here to sit and think,
some come here to poo and fart,
but I come here to scratch my balls,
and read the comments that are smart.

A fart is such a funny thing
natural it's true
boys love the smelliest the best
which are the best for you?

About a car

I hate my car, my big green car
it is a heap of shit
I cannot bear to drive it
And just want rid of it

It's forever going wrong
And costing loads of money
Like a bout of constipation
It really isn't funny

My warranty is worthless
Vauxhall must think we're dumb
The best thing I can do with it
Is use it to wipe my bum



My husband is a farty pants


My husband is a farty pants
he doesn't care at all
He lets them go wherever he is
Home, work, church and mall

He says it is natural event
And gas it has to go.
He's contributing to global warming
And soon we'll have no snow


Writing your own toilet humour can be amusing as long as it does not end up on a toilet wall other than your own.

Toilet graffiti is always problem for the owner of the premises

As with all other graffiti, we may be mildly amused by lavatory humour but someone else has to pick up the bill for its removal or the premises begin to look run-down and uncared for. And that is just not fair to the owner of the premises.

When toilets are repeatedly abused, the property owners begin taking measures such as locking the toilets and only allowing adults or paying clients to use them. A little stupid and thoughtless graffiti can go a long way in spoiling a facility for everyone. Think of other people and not just yourself.

Funny toilet rhymes are perfectly acceptable on paper. Hang one on the wall in your toilet at home and if you're still living with parents, ask them first. Frame the really funny ones and sell them. You may still get your graffiti published in a public toilet but with the owner's agreement.

The graffiti below was found on a door of the ladies toilets in the museum in Olympia, Greece. It appears to have been signed by American tourists who literally did not give a damn about its consequences to the cost of removal by the museum authorities. It provides yet another meaning of 'cultural exchange'.

toilet graffiti

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