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Monitor the spread of racist or religious graffiti

Popularly held public views, anger and hatred are frequently vented on walls as graffiti as tensions build in communities.

Rise of Islamophobia in Europe

Muslim groups in France have reported increased frequencies of anti-muslim graffiti appearing on the walls of their mosques.

In February 2010, the head of the French Council of the Muslim Faith is recorded as reporting that racist words were painted on the walls of the mosque in Sorgues. This was the sixth time this year that a French mosque has been attacked by racist graffiti.

The Muslim community in France would like the government to investigate and monitor the rise of islamophobia.

Anti Christian Graffiti in Israel

In 2009 anti-Christian graffiti was found on Christian Churches and Buildings in Jerusalem, Israel. Obscene graffiti was daubed on the door of Franciscan Church near the room of the Last Supper and the words “We killed Jesus", "Christians out" (in English and Hebrew) and "F*** off" written across the door. A star of David was added to point to the graffiti artists being Jewish. Someone had also urinated on the door.

Local priests confirmed that urination on the door is a daily occurrence.

In another incident, an attack on the wall of the Basilica of the Dormition, near the Cenacle in Jerusalem, read “Death to Christians”

Bigotry and graffiti

A bigot is someone who is intolerant of another person's beliefs. A bigot who indulges in graffiti is a dangerous bigot because he/she is spreading their hate publicly. If those messages of hate are permitted to remain and governments do not condemn them, the people that the comments are directed against may feel threatened and marginalised. This can and does happen literally anywhere.


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