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Spray paint

spray paint

Spray paint is one of the most popular paints of choice for graffiti artists

Under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, it is a criminal offence to sell an aerosol spray paint to anyone under the age of 16. This is to try to reduce the incidence of graffiti. The owner of the business, as well as the actual seller, may be liable and face a penalty of up to £2,500.

British Law restricts the sale of certain items to young people for the benefit of the wider society

In Britain, laws have been devised to try to limit anti-social behaviour and harm amongst young people. Retailers face fines if they contravene these laws and sell any of these products. The full list of age related restricted products can be viewed here.. .

The advantage of painting using aerosol cans of spray paint is that they cover large areas quickly and precisely. They come in a wide range of colours and can be applied quickly and the stream of paint directed exactly where it is wanted. However, they are not cheap to buy. The graffiti artist needs to be fairly determined and have money to spend to be able to afford them.

Alternative paint materials do not offer the same ease of precise use and fast coverage. Broad tipped markers can be aplied accurately but take a far longer time to create a design.

Graffiti offenders can be of any age

A study of graffiti through history shows us that although young people often get the blame, graffiti artists can be of any age and indeed political statements and slogans are mostly written by adults who are more interested in their cause than society and community as a whole. One type of graffiti vandalism that is difficult to understand is the defacement of road signs which results in dangerous conditions on the road for both drivers and pedestrians. What type of person is responsible for this stupid act of dangerous graffiti?

One of the problems with graffiti is that a large percentage of the population does not think of the consequences beyond the immediate piece of graffiti. Once the brain becomes engaged in the plan to spray paint a design on a surface people are more concerned about the creative element and not getting caught. What do you think?



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