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Sacrificial anti graffiti coatings

stone wall with graffiiti

For porous walls of brick, stone or concrete

Porous walls and surfaces are usually protected against graffiti by a sacrificial coating which allows the surface to breathe and does not markedly discolour the wall or increase the gloss.

This coating is applied to a height above which people cannot reach and is re-applied after the wall is cleaned of any new graffiti.

Sacrificial compared with permanent anti graffiti coatings

The sacrificial coating requires regular applications each time a wall is cleaned of its graffiti. However, it does not noticeably discolour the wall which matters if the coating is applied to say the first 2 metres only. On a low wall like the one in the image below, it really does not matter whether the colour or shine of a wall changes and for many people it would be a matter of price comparison to see whether permanent or sacrificial would be better. What does need to be taken into consideration is how often the graffiti re-appears and how important it is to keep that wall unblemished.

Sacrificial anti graffiti coatings for walls made of porous substances

sacrificial coatings for walls

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