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Buy rubber gloves for graffiti removal

rubber gloves

Rubber gloves to protect your hands

It is very important to protect your hands, especially when applying or removing chemicals. These can irritate your hands causing dermatitis or instigate an allergic reaction.

A barrier cream should be applied after wearing rubber gloves and washing hands.

Rubber gloves of all types for all purposes

Rubber gloves can be made of a range of materials such as latex, nitrile tubber, neoprene and vinyl. Latex allergy is fairly common so although the term 'rubber' may be used, the gloves may be made out of something other than latex. Anyone with sensitive skin should consider cotton flock lined rubber gloves.

Ther term Marigolds is synonymous with rubber gloves; Marigold being a brand name that came into common usage in much the same way as 'Hoover' for a vacuum cleaner.

The thinest and most sensitive types of gloves tend to be used for medical and dental purposes. Heavy duty gloves are recommended for cleaning.

Rubber gloves, especially for household use, come in a choice of sizes to ensure a snug fit.




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