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Permanent anti graffiti coatings

permanent anti graffiti coatings

Permanent anti graffiti coatings

Permanent anti graffiti coatings are applied to protect surfaces from permanent marking by graffiti. The permanent coating is painted on to a clean surface and usually results in a hard shiny finish which repels paint and prevents any paint from adhering to it permanently.

The paint can then be washed off more easily.

The permanent anti graffiti coating lasts for a good number of years before required a new application, the actual number depends on the product itself and how frequently the surfaces need to be cleaned.


Permanent anti graffiti coatings for use in urban areas

Urban areas take the biggest hit where graffiti is concerned and it's not always walls that end up daubed with paint, quite often it includes lamp posts, telephone boxes, road signs and transport. For non porous metallic surfaces, a permanent anti graffiti coating is ideal and any graffiti can then be removed with soapy water or where necessary a solvent. For example, an application of a permanent anti graffiti coating would have enabled this train to be cleaned and remain graffiti free thus denying the graffiti artist the gratification of seeing his efforts on a regular basis.

metallic surface good for permanent coatings

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