GRAFFITI everywhere

Is it Graffiti ?

is it graffiti?

Lovers have always inscribed their initials on treek trunks

Young lovers have always inscribed their initiials, often within a heart, on the trunk of a tree in the woods. Is that wanton vandalism or a romantic gesture?

Should we condemn people for scarring the tree or treat this as a permissable charming act?

What is you view?


Scarring the bark doesn not normally cause the tree to die. Is there any harm in scratching words on it?

Does it detract from walks in the woods or nature rambles?

Would anyone be offended?

Would you mind if people wrote their initials on a tree in your garden?



Are there any public objects that can be inscribed or marked without it being labelled as graffiti?

Lovers initials carved into wood







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