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How to create graffiti

good graffiti

The materials and tools required for graffiti

Looking at this graffiti painted on a legal graffiti wall in Essex you can tell that the person who created this was an artist.

The drawing is very good, the composition detailed and interesting. This person has skill. The picture includes some pink stylized graffiti writing - similar to bubble text.

The question is, how can you create attractive graffiti without similar skills?

How to cheat (a little)

Drawing a picture from scratch is not easy unless you're a brilliant artist. Even then, it's better to practice first, to get sections of a drawing right and in the right proportions before putting everything together. If you cannot draw at all in the first place, what you can do is to trace an object from a book and then practice drawing it. It's always easier to draw something if you just have an outline to follow.

The real big cheat is to get someone to draw an object for you, create a stencil of that object using some thick card and then you can just draw round the edges! Simple.

This stencil can then be used to draw, or with spray paint to spray a design on paper, fabric or whatever material you are using. It can always be enhanced or made more individual with a bit of detail and different colours.

How to cheat (some more) at graffiti style writing

That thick colourful writing that graffiti artists manage to create is very clever. What they actually do is to invent their own font. Now, that takes a fair amount of time because if you're creating a font you need to be able to reproduce different letters using the same style. Easier said than done.

Those who cannot manage this on their own (we all have different gifts, the artists possibly can't run as fast as you, or sing, or wiggle their ears) can copy the style that other people have already created.

Once you have perfected your graffiti skills you could take a look at our list of graffiti projects and with permission, have a go or devise your own.

Always remember to obtain permission first!

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