GRAFFITI everywhere

Graffiti your own walls - for the younger people in your life


You are perfectly entitled to graffiti the walls you own

No, problem. Your house, your bedroom, your fence, your property - by all means graffiti to your hearts content.


Graffiti starts at home

No one wants to supress your creative talent - it grows with use. If you feel that you have a right to graffiti, start at home.

Begin with expressing your emotions on your bedroom walls, Extra large letters, bold and colourful are fine. From there as your skills improve, you could progress onto more public walls such as your hallway or lounge. Allow your family to see and admire your efforts.

How about giving your shoes a psychedilic makeover? Black or brown can be so dull.

This is where you begin to discover the limits of your empire; what actually belongs to you. And why on earth might your parents not be too impressed?


There are unspoken rules in life of cause and effect.

Situation 1

Cause : graffiti on your lounge walls

Effect: You're grounded and your pocket money is stopped to pay for redecorating the lounge

Situation 2

Cause: graffiti on canvas displayed on a wall

Effect: everyone praises your artistic skill

The same art work could have been done on the wall as on the canvas. Why is the effect different?

A Question of Graffiti

Why do you think that people graffiti outside the home rather than in their home?


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