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Graffiti wipes

graffiti wipes

Remove that graffiti with a quick wipe before it dries

Keep a pack of graffiti wipes handy to quickly wipe and remove graffiti from a washable wall or surface. Even ordinary baby wipes can often have a powerful effect if the graffiti has not hardened fully.

Obviously, wipes are not enough for extensive graffiti or on a porous wall. It may then be a case of calling in the specialist graffiti cleaners.

Graffiti wipes

Graffiti wipes are most useful for public buildings where there is a constant amount of small-scale graffiti such as name tags. Frequent checking for graffiti and removing it as soon as possible helps maintain a graffiti free zone.

The ideal situation is for cleaners in public areas to note and clean the graffiti as they undertake other cleaning. The mosre pristine and smart the premises, the less likely people are to damage them.

Other measures to take in public buildings could include:




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