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Graffiti and Tourism

graffiti and tourism

Is there anyone who likes to holiday in an ugly defaced place?

Let's suppose that you go on holiday, enter your holiday accommodation and find scribbles and graffiti over the walls.

The chance are that your first reaction will not be 'my, what stunning art work' but 'what a mess!'.



Disfiguring a town by graffiti

Unless graffiti is truly amazing art, the chances are that when you see swathes of graffiti on walls and monuments on holiday, you're likely to think that the location is run down, depressed and uncared for.

graffiti and tourismGraffiti on buildings, underneath bridges, on monuments, park benches and most other places disfigures and makes objects ugly. The last thing that any country wants is for visitors to think that their location is run down and not worth visiting. Councils invest a great deal of time and money in trying to eradicate graffiti and keep their holiday areas attractive to encourage visitors.

Tourism creates job. People on holiday need somewhere to stay, restaurants to eat in, entertainment, taxis and numerous other services. They spend their money in local shops. All of this generates an income, creates jobs and contributes to the overall wealth of an area.

The greater the income and tax revenue, the more money is available to be spent on improving facilities and amenities for a town. Everyone benefits.

Visitors spend money when they visit = more money to spend on local improvements and amenities


A recent visit to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands showed how graffiti travels and mars beautiful locations. A tall lighthouse stands prominently on Jandia beach in the south of the island. This has been disfigured by graffiti vandals from Poland. The small population of Fuerteventura relies heavily on tourism and a constant influx of holiday-makers because there is little else there; the island consists of volcanic rock and is not suitable for agriculture. Why should the island bear the cost of Polish vandalism? Read about Polish graffiti vandals in Fuerteventura.

Making the most of your town

Attracting visitors to a town or larger area is a joint venture requiring the co-operation of all inhabitants. Councils and private businesses have a limited budget and it is possible for graffiti vandals to use up possible resources and permanently deface their town. It's then a downhill spiral. See the tragedy of graffiti in Greece.

Visitors decline= income declines and amenities worsen

The only way to improve an area is for everyone to be responsible and work for the greater good. Think of others.

Exercise: Make a plan of how you could discourage graffiti and encourage pride in your town.

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