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Graffiti to mock the vulnerable

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Personal Graffiti = Bullying

People sometimes use graffiti to mock vulnerable people in society such as the physically or mentally disabled. People who are less able to fight back.

This is simply bullying and nastiness of the worst kind.


Everyone understands what ullying means. People don't always seem to understand that if someone draws an image or writes something a abusive in a public place about vulnerable members of society - that it is bullying. Other people laughing and joking at the victims expense encourage and participate in the bullying.

Think what it would be like to be in the victim's shoes. Growing up is about a greater awareness of each other and how society works. It takes some people a very long time to grow up. Why is that?

Dare to be different


Think about the kind of world that you would like to live in

We all contribute to the world around us through our words and actions. We do what we think despite what we might say.

It sometimes takes parents aback when they hear their words and opinions come out of the mouths of their children. Parents teach by example, by what they do and not by what they say. Kids see the difference.


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