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You don't need to sign your name on street corners to let the world know you exist. Create a masterpiece and the world will always remember. Michelangelo, Rodin, Botticelli, and Matisse all live on in our experience.


Graffiti home page - where it all begins

What is graffiti - a definition swiftly followed by a condemnation

Graffiti as vandalism - that's what it is

Nasty graffiti - the most unpleasant and unkind forms of graffiti

Amusing graffiti - words and pictures can make us laugh, graffiti included

Anti social graffiti - why graffiti is a real pain for a community

Graffiti and tourism : Graffiti in Greece, Graffiti in Poland, Graffiti in Britain

Anti graffiti strategy

Graffiti for schools - anti graffiti thoughts and discussions

Graffiti Removal

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