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Graffiti removal tools

graffiti writing on wall

Tools that make the job of removing graffiti more efficient

Struggling with a scrubbing brush and a bucket of water against a tide of graffiti is an impossible task. The right tools for the job make it manageable.... better still, the offenders, if caught, should be made to clean up the mess.



Graffiti removal tools and equipment

Even small scale graffiti can be cleaned off more easily with electric scrubbing brushes. Large scale graffiti requires a more powerful approach.


Painted walls can easily be repainted but any porous material should be protected with an impervious coating first, one from which you would be able to power wash any graffiti.

It is most unfortunate that we have to protect ourselves from anti-social activity - but that is the reality of life today. Just as we need to introduce strategies and knowledge into our daily lives against burglars, scammers and con men, anti-graffiti is another to add to the list.

The sad thing is that in this beautiful world, ordinary people and ruining other ordinary people's lives.


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