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Anti system - whatever the system

Part of the process of growing up is understanding ourselves, our place in the family, and our place in the world at large.




Our teenage years - for some the rebellious years

During the process of growing up in our teenage years we begin to establish ourselves as individuals ready to take our place in the world.

As we grow up we start to feel ready to try new experiences and to do things independently and start making our own decisions. The people who should be responsible in caring for us don't necessarily change their attitude and understanding as we grow, aren't sensitive enough, or there has not been sufficient communication to give us what we feel we need or want. There is an inevitable conflict. We become angry at the continued control, people standing in our way of freedom.

Sometimes people are in the unfortunate situation where the people who should care for them simply don't for one reason for another and that is tough, the luck of the draw or accident of birth.

We aren't all born equal, far from it, some are born with a silver spoon, others with absolutely nothing. It is up to us to make the most of what we have to live life as best we can. Knowledge and understanding go a long way in helping all of us achieve our potential.

Banksy, the graffiti artist has written a book entitled 'Wall and piece' in which he writes down much of what it is about society that motivates him and is expressed in his work

"The human race is an unfair and stupid competition. A lot of the runners don't even get decent sneakers or clean drinking water. Some people are born with a massive head start, every possible help along the way and still the referees seem to be on their side. It's not surprising some people have given up competing altogether and gone to sit in the grandstand, eat junk food and shout abuse. What we need in this race is a lot more streakers."

Because life is frustrating, because people seem to stand in our way, because there are problems that no one seems to be able to resolve or have the will to resolve, people become angry and lash out at people and objects around them. This anger and frustration creates a rebellious attitude which if misdirected can bring trouble raining down on our heads. The best way to deal with anger and conflict is to talk it through with someone who can make time for you, genuinely cares for you and is in a position to help. Youth leaders, aunties, uncles, older friends and neighbours can be useful people to ask for advice. Writing graffiti on walls and vandalising objects will just bring more trouble and grief.

Rebellion in adult years

People are not always nice or kind. Some are downright unpleasant and nasty. Take apartheid, or slavery for example. Who is proud of that now? One group of people thought it was perfectly acceptable to oppress another group of people. Inevitably the oppressed got angry and sometimes took their revenge. It come back to cause and effect.

People can feel forced to shout the truth from the treetops and write it on the walls. They want the world to know.

People with strong beliefs often do illegal things. Terrorists believe in their causes but it does not make them moral or right. We can all very sincerely and passionately believe certain things but it does not make them correct. As people grow older and hopefully wiser they realise that their beliefs alter and mellow through the years. How many believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy when they were young? Or that a monster will gobble you up if you step on the cracks in the pavement? Or that the bogey man will get you if you go out at night? Or that if you go to university a good job is guaranteed?


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