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Graffiti promoting personal beliefs

I believe!

Perhaps one of the less common forms of graffiti is the promotion of personal beliefs. This can be any beliefs, political, religious or social.

Football graffiti is the usual form of this type of graffiti. The scrawling of football teams and slogans on walls.

Sometimes one see 'Jesus Saves' or similar religious expressions. The question 'but does he clean walls?' comes to mind.

Society often excuses this type of graffiti as an over exuberance of expression, the great enthusiasm that people have for their particular belief is expressed on walls by people with an inclination to graffiti. Unfortunately the owners of the walls, who may totally disagree with the beliefs promoted have to pay to remove these expressions and are likely to have negative thoughts about people who think that 'Jesus Saves' or that 'Arsenal' is the best football team in the world.


How do we stop graffiti?

The only long-term way of stopping graffiti is to educate the general public. If we all realise the effect of our words and actions on society at large we would be less inclined to say and do certain things.

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