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Graffiti commissions

Any good artist has a portfolio of work to show clients what they are capable of. Build a portfolio of examples of your graffiti on something transportable and you may just obtain permission or even a commission to do your stuff.



Suggested objects and places that might benefit from graffiti


Wheelie bins

Wheelie bins are not pretty by any means. Plastic transfers can be purchased to decorate them, as are numbers to identify the house. Graffiti can be individual decorative and convey the right information. Ask and you may just find that some people would welcome you with open arms to graffiti their wheelie bins.

House number plaques.

Much of graffiti involves creating elaborate numbers and letters. Where better to employ a graffiti artist than in the design of a house number plaque? The work could be done on a variety of materials; plastic, ceramic metal or wood, and before you know it, you're into design. This could be expanded further into signs for clubs and business premises that want a wacky style.

Graffiti designs on T-shirts

Some people would love to have a T-shirt with graffiti designs on the front or back. There is specially coated paper that you can print your design onto from a computer and then iron it on to a T-shirt to apply it permanently. An alternative method is to use fabric paint to paint graffiti directly onto a T-shirt.

Graffiti on mugs and pottery

There are numerous paint-a-pot outlets where you can paint your graffiti design onto a mug or other item of pottery.

Funny toilet humour poems to hang on the wall in the toilet

Write a funny poem to print in graffiti style bubble text to adorn a toilet wall. Frame it first! This could be a good Christmas present.

Take a look at folk art for examples of where painting designs on houses is an asset to a village.

Lots of other outlets for graffiti legally

Anyone who has ever tried creating graffiti using a computer will know that it takes a high degree of skill to master a software package and to be able to produce what you're aiming for.

Anyone who succeeds in great electronic graffiti using a computer is a wizard and deserves respect.

If you are one of these talented people and are able to do this, send us your graffiti as jpg images and we'll publish it with your name attached.

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