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Graffiti Poems

graffiti poems

Put your views about graffiti into verse

I have a great hobby that I want to share with you
I really like to graffiti and my friends like it too
I want to graffiti walls all hours every day
But my mum won't let me out 'cos she's always got to pay

Get creative and write some poems or limericks about graffiti. The best (not rude) ones will be published.

Waiting for your poems.... please include your age and location, name is optional.

Graphic submissions decorated with graffiti welcome if sent as .jpg files

Mean Machine

I am an urban artist
painting up the town
creating an impression
designed to make you frown.

Do you hate my slogans
my anti capitalist tirade?
I aim to cause frustration
to annoy the monied brigade.

Life, it isn't fair
I know not to expect too much
and not a single bastard will help me
so I kick them into touch.

You can clean away the graffiti
place cameras on the wall
but one thing that you can't destroy
is my mean and brooding soul.


Graffiti Butterflies

I would like to draw butterflies throughout the town
To liven up the neighbourhood, add colourful hues
Wake people up, make them laugh, make them frown
And in sheer devilment create news and views.

My butterflies would fly along the street
Zoom across the concrete pavements, along the walls
As if searching for wild flowers and nectar sweet
Will people notice, will they care at all?

Will anyone recognise a great talent at work?
Will they think I'm a potential Banksy, a stunning new wit?
Will they praise, complain or go berserk?
And really how much does it matter? I don't give a shit.


Roses are red my love
Forget-me-nots are blue
The idiot who said violets
Didn't have a clue

Relationship breakdown

I used to have a lover
He was also my best friend
But he lied and cheated
until defeated
Everything goes down the toilet in the end.

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