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We are happy to exchange links with related graffiti web sites

We would be happy to exchange links with your web site if you agree with our point of view that graffiti without permission is vandalism.

We fully support any art work, graffiti style lettering and cartoons if carried out with the permission of the owner of the property on which it is applied.

No one could possibly think that graffiti enhanced the business premises on the left. This is the sort of activity that can finish a struggling business. Most small businesses are just making a living. Graffiti daubed walls devalues their business, makes it look run down and deters clients.

All of us would behave differently is we really understood the effect of our words and deeds on people around us. It pays to remember that we create the world we live in, each one of us have an input, for better, or for worse.


Web sites that support graffiti style art

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Anti-graffiti educational sites

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Anti-graffiti projects and guidance

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