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Graffiti on gravestones

graffiti in graveyards

Graffiti on gravestones shows a total lack of respect or concern for the feelings of others

People who graffiti in graveyards are either selfish and ignorant or so full of hatred that they do not care for the feelings of the bereaved.

Teenagers hanging around in graveyards

Gravestones can sometimes be damaged accidentally by teenagers who hand around graveyards and sit on the gravestones. Why spend time in a graveyard? cemetaries and small church graveyards are generally quiet places, and in cities could substitute for parks or the lack of them.

Councils tend to provide playparks and places for young children to play, yet provide very little in the form of a place of their own for teenagers. Hanging around cemetraies can be a sign that teenagers do not have anywhere to go to meet and socialise.

This does not excuse vandalism in a graveyard.

Gravestones cost many hundreds of pounds. Families usually pool their funds to erect a stone in memory of their loved one.

Hate crime in graveyards

More serious and unpleasant is hate crime where gravestones are deliberately defaced because of a person's race or religion. This is usually an expression of hate by a larger group of people rather than individuals acting alone and should be treated seriously.

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