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Graffiti is a nuisance

Try googling 'graffiti nuisance' on the web and you will see lists of results from around the world all complaining about the blight of graffiti.

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Is graffiti ever not a nuisance?

It would be rare indeed for anyone on encountering unexpected murals on their property to be thankful instead or irate. Perhaps if the graffiti artist is Banksy and contributes value in their graffiti one would not mind too much.....

Make a decision, is graffiti vandalism or not?

One of the problems in dealing with graffiti is that people cannot make their minds up whether it is artistic expression or downright vandalism. People tend to be ambivalent about graffiti.

If we consider the effects of nasty graffiti, the cost of cleaning up and removal of graffiti and all the other anti-social graffiti effects, I believe and will make a stand that graffiti is bad for a society. No one should be able to damage or change someone else's property without their permission.

Graffiti is supposed to be creative self-expression but more often than not is destructive in that it undermines the rules that make society work such as co-operation and thinking of others.

For this reason, I believe that graffiti should be banned to the art room, to computers and paper where it can flourish without causing harm to other people as long as it's never abusive, disgusting or mocks the vulnerable.

What do you think?

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