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is graffiti inspirational in South Woodham Ferrers

Graffiti is creative and can be inspirational

Graffiti requires a certain amount of creativity, at a basic level for tags and doodles to complete elaborate art works. Graffiti tends to be associated with the young, although they are far from the only age group involved. One often sees graffiti used to decorate objects that are intended to attract young people. For example the Bar'n'Bus in Essex which is a Christian outreach bus. Graffiti has connotations of youth, rebelliousnness and 'cool'.

It is not unusual to find the walls of youth clubs painted with graffiti for effect, with the permission of the owner.

There is even a lily named Tango Graffiti because of its exciting vibrant colours and patterned appearance.



Graffiti Tango

There is a video of an Argentine tango performed in Marseilles, France against a backdrop of graffiti to give a street smart edge to the dance. See video clip of Argentine tango.

A dance group calls itself 'Graffiti Dancers'. Is this because their dance performances are aimed at a young audience?




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