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Graffiti in Poland

graffiti in Poland

It's a shame about widespread graffiti in Poland in 2010

There are two things that spoil Poland, one is graffiti on buildings and the other is the mass of advertising boards alongside roads in the countryside that both spoil and block the view. Both of these are counter-productive for tourism.

As Poland grows wealthier, increasing numbers of Polish tourist visit popular countries in search of the sun. Unfortunately, they take their graffiti habits with them and deface property abroad. Read about Polish graffiti vandals in Fuerteventura.

A lot of graffiti in Poland occurs in similar places to that in other countries, along railway lines, under bridges and predomininatly in urban areas.

Much of Poland is rural and one of the indications of approaching a city or town is slow but steady proliferation of graffiti.



Poor quality graffiti in Poland

There is some merit to the artwork in the photo above but most of the graffiti in Poland is of an extremely poor quality - literally scribbles. The Poles have turned to the German method of reducing graffiti on motorways by employing the use of fences that creepers can gow up creating a living curtain that covers graffiiti. It's early days yet and a good number of these ant-graffiti fences are already disfigured although they will be covered as the creepers and shrubs grow over time.

graffiti at the side of motorways

Graffiti in Wroclaw - a Polish city bidding for European City of Culture

Wroclaw, or by its German name Breslau is a city in south west Poland with a large student population. An interesting city to visit, spoilt by low quality graffiti. It would be wonderful to see Wroclaw inspire its young people to turn from graffiti to art and make Wroclaw a place really worth visiting.

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