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Graffiti in Greece

graffiti mars the ancient Agora in Athens Greece

Greece is going to the dogs in 2010

A recent holiday in Greece in June 2010 revealed extensive graffiti throughout Greece but especially Athens. The great pity is that graffiti has now even pervaded the ancient historic sites - nothing is sacred. The stupidity of the Greeks is astounding in that they have national treasures which they are defacing and allowing to be defaced.

The photograph on the left shows the wall adjoining the ancient Agora in Athens, covered in graffiti.

The streets directly below the Acropolis in the tourist centre of Greece are simply covered in pointless daubs and tags making the place look completely run down mess. Where there were charming alleyways and flights of steps leading to streets below there is now just an ugly mass of graffiti.

Greece has managed to run up enormous state debts in recent years that have required an EU bailout. Whatever the politicians have been spending money on in recent years has not included the protection of their cultural and historic heritage.

Tourism forms a large part of Greece's economy and yet the Greek government of today seem to be blind. Tourists will not continue to come to Greece when large parts of Athens and other historical sites turn into ghettos and slums.



More photographs of the tragedy of graffiti in Athens

Graffiti in Athens Greece

The photo of the Acropolis in Athens above shows one of the streets below the Acropolis lined with graffiti from one end to the other. Most of the streets leading down from from the Acropolis have been disfigured in the same way.

This lovely street of old houses near the Acropolis in Athens has been disfigured by graffiti.

Most councils in other European countries have learnt how to protect their heritage and have anti-graffiti strategies in place.

It is also a matter of education. Greeks tend to be liberal with their children, discipline is not a common phrase in Greece. The Greeks, however, gave the world logic and should understand that tourists will stop visiting a run down ruined country with the inevitable loss of income and jobs.

Graffiti in other parts of Greece

Although mainly an urban problem, we came across graffiti in rural areas. The public phone box in Delphi was vandalised. The lovely natural spring area in Levadia including a medieval wall were also covered in graffiti.

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