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graffiti on a shop front in London

The Graffiti problem in Britain is contained

Thanks to good anti graffiti strategies by British county councils , the graffiti problem in Britain is largely contained.

Graffiti tends to be left in areas which do not matter that much, such as railway sidings. Elsewhere, the graffiti cleanup squads very quickly eradicate it.

It will be interesting to see what differences there will be with new budget cuts in Britain in 2011 and beyond, whether graffiti cleaning will be cut along with road maintenance.

The main thrust of any solution to the problem has to be education. Since the unemployed are going to be forced to work for their benefits, perhaps graffiti cleaning will become one of the jobs they perform.



International tourism in Britain tends to mean City Breaks and the top tourist cities of London. Edinburgh, Bath and York are well maintained and a delight to visit.

Admittedly, graffiti is not usually evident in British shopping centres in the south east of England although the story could be quite different as one travels north.

Some poorer parts of London are more affected than others, the areas that tourists tend to visit are generally graffiti free.

The London Underground has been very successful in virtually eliminating graffiti although trains are still occasionally vandalised. CCTV has helped reduce graffiti in public areas.

There is a long chain of graffiti on hoardings by the River Thames, in an area of rough ground that is not visible to most unless they are sailing down the River Thames. A long stretch of it is under the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge that joins Essex to Kent. Much of it shows the graffiti artists' skill and forms an outdoor gallery. What is your opinion?

graffiti along Thames


Do send in examples of graffiti in your area and we'll publish it.

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