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Happy Birthday

Doesn't a graffiti font take the art out of graffiti?

Anyone can use a graffiti font and type on a computer. There are numerous web sites that allow you to enter text and display it as graffiti. Is this as skillful as drawing lettering by hand?

Graffiti lettering

Graffiti lettering is lettering that shows off with large colourful writing, perhaps enhanced by patterns and highlights and shadows. It is individualistic - each graffiti artist has their own style. Take a look at some of the styles developed by individual graffiti artists below:

graffiti stylised font

kent along Thames

Computer produced fonts imitating graffiti tend to be regular, each letter precisely sized, whereas graffiti drawn by hand can be stretched, stylised, coloured and adapted by the graffiti artist in any way they wish. Somehow, hand drawn graffiti lettering is much more interesting to look at albeit more difficult to read.




Colourful and bold lettering can be created using standard Microsoft Word software or WordArt. as shown above

It could be useful when designing birthday cards, Invitation cards or Information leaflets where an eye catching heading is required. As could hand-drawn graffiti lettered headings.

Downloadable fonts

There are fonts on the web that people can download to produce a particular style of graffiti. Do not download anything that you do not trust or you may find that you download viruses and spyware in addition to the graffiti fonts.


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