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Elbow grease is free but the rest can all be purchased. Be careful when attempting to remove graffiti from porous or expensive surfaces. It may be more cost effective in the long run to employ a team of experts and follow their advice about graffiti cleaning chemicals.

The following may help you decide exactly what products and tools you need to purchase to deal with your graffiti:




Essential Graffiti clean-up products for your kit - keep a graffiti clean-up kit handy for small graffiti marks and tagging

Other useful graffiti cleaning products

Protective clothing

Specialist Protective Coatings

Sealants to help protect your surfaces from graffiti attack and make it easier, therefore cheaper to clean if re-attacked. Graffiti paints often penetrate brickwork and porous materials so that even when the surface paint is removed it leaves a ghosting effect. This can be prevented by an application of a specific sealant for the intended material.




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