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Graffiti cleaning chemicals

graffiti cleaning chemicals

Have the appropriate chemicals to ensure graffiti removal without damage

It is annoying to discover that your property has been disfigured by graffiti vandalism and many people may just try to scrub and remove the offending marks. It is important to consider the materials and chemicals you use in the graffiti removal. Inappropriate chemicals and tools may cause further damage. You could perform a patch test in a small obscure area if that is possible to see the effect of your chemical. If a large area is affected or the surface is valuable, it is best to obtain specialist advice, even if you plan to clean the surface yourself. The right chemical for the correct surface and type of graffiti paint applied will help avoid scorching, pitting or removal of gloss or other finish of your surface.

A good graffiti removal company will be able to advise you and will have literature describing the chemicals employed for each type of surface. Safety for whoever is performing the cleaning operation is also a must. Do call a graffiti removal company for their free advice before tackling the task yourself with domestic cleaners. A suitable chemical will remove the graffiti cleanly and efficiently without having to resort to abrasive and damaging action.

Sometimes tackling the job of graffiti removal yourself cheaply may end up more expensive if damage is incurred. You may also wish to apply anti-graffiti coatings to your walls make any future graffiti damage more easily removable.

A reputable anti-graffiti cleaning company will be able to advise and guarantee restoration of your affected wall or object. If something is valuable or precious to you - don't take the risk of an amateur attempt.


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A large factor in the fight against graffiti is education. Private citizens and small businesses cannot afford the constant battle against graffiti vandals and indeed why should they? The responsibility lies with society at large and people causing damage through graffiti should be made to realise the effects of and pay for the damage they have caused. Local councils, parents and schools all have a responsibility in educating the population. Write to your local council, local newspaper and school letting them know about your problem and asking them to inform the people who are possibly responsible about the anti-social effects of their behaviour. It takes a concerted effort to prevent a small graffiti problem from escalating to a large one.

It would do no harm to display anti-graffiti posters on your defaced walls to help persuade people not to repeat the offense. Young people often do not realise the implications of their graffiti actions and some adults don't either, especially when they are angry or want to make a point. Find out more about graffiti awareness raising and anti graffiti strategies.


You may also wish to visit the anti-graffiti shop to find suitable chemical solvents and associated anti graffiti products.








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