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graffiti cleaner

The right materials foreffective graffiti removal

The task of cleaning off graffiti is much easier if you have the best materials and tools for the job.

There is a science in providing chemical cleaners and solvents to eradicate graffiti for each particular surface. It is not useful to apply a chemical to remove graffiti from a painted wall that also removes the paint or marks the wall itself

Surfaces, paints and chemicals

Unfortunately when a graffiti artist goes to work, one thought that never ever crosses their mind is 'how easy or costly is this going to be to remove?'

Different types of paint require different solvents.

The surface that the graffiti is applied to needs to be carefully considered in order not to permanently damage it. Surfaces could porous and absorb the paint, or delicate and easily stained. Expensive stone such as marble may require special coatings and there is an argument in protecting expensive materials to a certain height to ensure that any marks can be removed without hideously expensive specialist treatments.

Painted walls require careful cleaning since the cleaner that removes the graffiti may also strip the paint. It is also impossible to use wire brushes or abrasive action on painted or polished walls, wooden panelling or fabric lined walls.

Selection of wall covering and finishes in public areas

Unfortunately, architects and builders need to carefully consider the choice of finishes that they apply to walls in public buildings. It would be wonderful to build a smart structure for public use and to select the most attractive finishes except that it is not practical because once graffiti artists get to work, the damage that they do could cost a fortune over a period of years. And so we all end up with utilitarian, easy to clean and difficult to stain tiled or similar surfaces.

An anti-graffiti policy should be in place

Graffiti is more difficult to remove once the paint has fully hardened or there are several layers of paint. A graffiti policy ensures that everyone can react swiftly to remove the graffiti and eradicate the problem.

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