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Graffiti awareness raising

graffiti awareness

Let the people know

If we, as citizens and council tax payers, were aware of the cost of graffiti to each and every one of us in our tax bill, we would soon rise up and deal with the blighters.

Presented with the full facts, people can make a decision

Graffiti is not necessarily something that many people have a strong opinion about. We see it in the street, we pass it and it's forgotten.

If it's painted on our fence, our house or our car then it becomes a personal matter and suddenly we're full of opinions and anti-graffiti strategies.

Get the people on your side

The problem with public attitudes to graffiti is that some people confuse graffiti with art. Once people know that graffiti hits their wallets they are less likley to want to passively contribute to vandalism masquerading as art. Awareness raising is necessary to inform people about the difference.

Councils should always let the taxpayer know what the annual graffiti removal bill comes to.

The adverse effects of graffiti

All around the world, councils continue to fight graffiti. Some of them fight it by installing CCTV so that they can monitor city centres and apprehend the offenders. The rest of us have to live out our lives under constant surveillance because of graffiti. This is not fair because it then infringes everyone's freedoms.

Anti-graffiti programmes

We can raise awareness of graffiti and its effects on society through public information, education, reports in the press, posters and community projects.

Would you like the street you live in to look like the one below?

graffiti street

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