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Graffiti as vandalism

graffiti vandalism

Vandalism is destructive

Graffiti blights a neighbourhood. It gives the impression of being run down and lawless. It fosters fear and increases the perception of illegal activities associated with petty crime. People are sometimes confused if the graffiti appears to have artistic merit of amuses them and it is this inconsistent approach that prevents the disfiguring of other people's property from being fully recognized as vandalism.

Graffiti on other people's property, without their consent is not art.

Graffiti vandalism destroys neighbourhoods

People living in neighbourhoods where there is much graffiti are fed up with it. It gives their area a sense of urban decay. It drives down property values and encourages petty crime because the inhabitants think that no one is going to act if they do as they like.

Every sane person would be horrified to discover that their house, their garden wall or garden shed had been daubed with pointless slogans, especially if the graffiti is cruel and mocks the vulnerable. Why don't these graffiti artists apply graffiti on their own walls?

Horrible graffiti

An awful lot of graffiti is a dreadful mess that disfigures buildings and town centres. The effect of graffiti on a community is far worse if the graffiti is motivated by hate and is nasty.

Why do it?

Tagging or writing your name in the street seems to spring from a desire to let the world know of your existence. Has modern life and the lack of marking milestones in people's lives led to young people having to invent their own?

There are various other reasons why people go into the streets to daub graffiti. It can be anger, social injustice, frustration, hate, the promotion of personal beliefs as in football graffiti and just being bored and following the crowd. Sometimes the reasons are commercial. The one thing that most graffiti artists disregard is the cost of their actions both financially and emotionally to other people.

Web sites can help you make your mark with being destructive

Facebook, Twitter, blogs and social networking sites allow people to build an identity and community on the web. Be known for something that you can be proud of.

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