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Graffiti as Art

What is the definition of art?

If you try looking up a definition of art on the Internet you will discover a multitude of meanings, all offering a partial understanding.

For some, art is essentially a human creative work resulting in something beautiful or something that evokes an emotional response from the viewer.

Who decides whether it is art of graffiti?

There are very few people when presented with graffiti on their pristine walls or building stand back and remark ' that is amazing'. More often than not, the reaction is of anger and disappointment at the disfigured walls.

Even, if one could say that the graffiti in question is attractive and has artistic merit, it's rather like a weed in a garden - simply in the wrong place. Mind you, even art can offend. Certain modern art installations cause outrage when displayed. Perhaps you can think of examples of art that are controversial?

One could argue that space should be made for grafiti and for society to allow people to express their views and creativity publicly. Consider the possibility of utilising public spaces for graffiti:

Take a look at graffiti under the QE II Bridge along the River Thames in Essex and Kent.

Recognised Graffiti Artists

There are graffiti artists such as Banksy in London who have found fame and an appreciative following of their work. There has even been an exhibition of Banksy's work. A few of the owners of walls daubed with Banksy's graffiti efforts have even been able to sell their property for a profit.

Decide for yourself - view Banksy's Graffiti

There is a female graffiti artist who goes by the name of Chock who has forged a career in legal graffiti. Take a look at some of her graffiti creations here.... and find out where her graffiti was welcome.

The British prime Minister David Cameron presented the US President Barrack Obama with the controversial gift of a painting by graffiti artist Ben Eine in July 2010 Ben Eine began as a graffiti artist on the streets leaving his tag on walls and trains in his part of East London. He recently promoted his art work by spray painting the entire alphabet on shop shutters in London. Now that he has achieved a certain credibility as a 'real artist' the possible worth of the tags calms any outrage.

Suggestions for where you might be able to create your graffiti projects legally and please rather than upset people.


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