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Football Graffiti

football graffiti

Graffiti and fanaticism

Football related graffiti is common in many countries. The love and enthusiasm that some football fans have is evident from the names of the team they support and slogans painted and scrawled on walls around the world. Passersby may smile in amusement but it is not so funny when it it is daubed on personal property. We could say that it does not matter when applied to the wall beside a motorway as seen above in the Peloponnese in Greece, or is it a distraction to drivers?

The roadways authority would be responsible for the removal of the graffiti and the cost passed on to the taxpayer.

Graffiti is so prevalent on Greece that it would require a mammoth public education and cleaning effort to remove it. It does spoil the country for tourists which is a pity in a country that economically needs its tourists.


There is less graffiti in Britain for various reasons.


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