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Folk art

folk art

Designs painted on buildings in Zalipie, Poland create a tourist attraction

People travel to Zalipie in Poland from far and wide to admire the floral designs painted on the outside and inside of houses, on sheds, on fences, on dog kennels and anything else that is stationary. This is known as folk art. See some of the photographs of this type of folk art in Zalipie.

Painting pictures on walls in this case is most desirable.

Zalipie and folk art

Every spring, the inhabitants of Zalipie wash down their houses and paint them in preparation for another year. A great deal of time is spent in creating flower designs, garlands and colourful friezes on buildings in the village. This village has become so famous for its folk art that it features in tourist guides.

This type of folk painting allows for self-expression, is painted on houses and yet has a positive effect rather than a destructive effect. People take a pride in their hand-painted homes and try to excel each other in skill and design.

Folk art in Poland

The Poles have another tradition of painting eggs for Easter, Eggs are wrapped in leaves, a wax applied and then boiled in water containg dye. The result is leafy imprints on the egg. Various other methods are used to colour eggs for Easter, these are blessed by the church and eaten on Easter morning.


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