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Cost of graffiti

cost graffiti

How much does your family contribute to the clean-up?

Despite all the strategies employed in reducing and limiting graffiti, it is an ongoing problem worldwide. The costs can be staggering.

It was estimated that the cost of graffiti in London alone in 2002 was £100 million pounds. Think of all the other things that money could have been spent on instead for the benefit of Londoners. Was this graffiti worth the £100 million that all Londoners and especially commuters had to pay?

Paying more for goods and services because of graffiti

We live in a democracy and if the majority of the population vote to pay for a certain service the the minority have to go along with it.

Could graffiti be said to be anti-democratic because a minority forces the majority to pay for its removal?

Researching the cost of graffiti

Do a little research on the web and you will soon discover that staggering amounts of money are being spent in removing graffiti. The money spent by councils on graffiti removal that is unsightly, offensive or dangerous could have helped pay for more hospital staff, better schools, better stocked libraries and playgrounds instead.

Councils have the right to demand that graffiti is removed from street furniture and public transport within a certain period of time. If nothing is dome to remove the graffiti, the council will organise its removal and bill the owner. Is that fair and just?

The Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 gives councils the legal power to tackle graffiti problems and keep our streets graffiti free. They are also able to impose fines on anyone caught daubing walls with graffiti.

Urban activity

Graffiti is also known as street art or urban art. There does not appear to be a rural equivalent.



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