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Graffiti against the Jewish Peoples

anto semitic graffiti

Anti-semitic hatred

Xenophobia is a fear or contempt for people from a foreign country. Some of it springs from fear of the unknown and some we inherit from other people's beliefs around us.

Recent anti-semitic crime - 2010

An 83 year old former German soldier wrote anti-semitic statements of hate inciting people to kill Jews on walls in the city of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment for his hate crime, followed by two years probation and 40 hours of community service on the 11th May 2010.

On pronouncing the sentence, Judge Norman Douglas said "This may be the last opportunity for a Canadian court to look into the eyes of a German military and state clearly to him what all Canadians think of this type of act that led to the death of six million Jews,"

Judge Douglas continued "As I see the case, the crime wasn't committed 65 years ago, Mr. Mahr has brought this poisonous hatred into the 21st century."

Graffiti as a tool to spread hate

Writing messagesof hate and racist or xenophobic graffiti tend to be an adult crime.

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