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Anti graffiti coatings or anti graffiti paint

anti graffiti coatings

Coatings that make graffiti washable and more easily removed

Anti graffiti coatings that seal porous brick, concrete or stone all assist in the fight against graffiti vandals.

There are several types of coatings, permenent ones that graffiti does not stick to very well and is easily washed off, or temporary coatings that wash off with the graffiti and need another application to continue protect the surface.





Protecting stone buildings

Many historic buildings are built of stone or faced with marble. Some protective coatings may darken the colour of the stone so a base coat is applied first.

Where to obtain graffiti coatings

You will be able to find graffiti specialist firms in your area who can advise depending on the material you would like to protect.

There are also protective coatings that can be purchased online as long as you know exactly what it is you need. Check the surface area to ensure that you buy sufficient because postage will be extra.


Anti graffiti coating suppliers:


The walls surrounding offices or shops can be kept smart and graffiti free if the walls are given a protective anti graffiti coating.

anti graffiti coatings

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