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About Us and Graffiti

About our attitudes to graffiti

One of the main problems with graffiti is that people are ambivalent about it. Is it art and self-expression or is it vandalism and a crime? This is the question that this site attempts to address and answer in the hope for a better world.

I am an artist


I would like to encourage other people to become artists, to add beauty and understanding to their worlds

For all of us, life is a journey of learning and understanding. We are all born with different gifts, some have artistic talent, others musical, others mathematical or literary.

As we grow, live, work and travel, art and creativity impact on our lives. There is a joy and thrill we experience when we see a beautiful object or scenery. How many of us have marvelled at the products made by artists, sculptors, architects, wood carvers, photographers, sign writers, graphic designers and those of many more creative skilled people.

Let us foster these talents to build a better, more beautiful, kinder and safer world.

One of my favourite sayings is that we can be so 'open minded' and liberal that 'our brains fall out'. Don't be deceived by graffiti - it isn't about art or creativity. It is about selfishness and destruction.

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