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CCTV anti-graffiti strategy

cctv anti graffiti strategy

Mixed blessings of CCTV

The usual complaint about CCTV is that it limits everyone's freedoms - we are all then under surveillance. Studies have shown that countries with high levels of surveillance such as Singapore have much less crime. CCTV helps reduce crime and therefore enables all of us the enjoy a safer life.

Better Big Brother than 'Big Bov ver'.


God sees all that you do

Years ago, when the majority of the population in the UK was still church going and still believed that God saw all their deeds and even their thoughts, people inevitably behaved better.

In today's world, God has been marginalised and CCTV can be employed to perform a similar task and have a similar effect, which is the modification of human behaviour.

If CCTV helps reduce criminal damage, muggings and other illegal activities, perhaps the loss of perceived freedom is worth the expense.

CCTV will always be controversial

There are always people who object strongly to any surveillance, DNA databases and keeping of records on computer. Like any other human activity it could be misused if the wrong government was in power but surely a democratic government protects those freedoms?

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